How to register patent in India?

How to register patent in India? -

How to register patent in India? –

The patent registration in India is granted by the rules and regulations of Indian Patents Act 1970. In order to be patented in India the invention must be novel, consist of an inventive step and it shall be capable of Industrial application.  Now any person can obtain the patent registration for its exclusive invention simply by following the online patent filing process or procedure in India.  Here we will be discussing the procedure of patent registration in India.

Process of patent registration in India

Before starting with the patent registration process the applicant must collect the Documents Required for Patent Filing or Registration in India and make sure to consult a patent attorney for the same. Let us know take a look at the online procedure for trademark registration in India .

Conducting the patent search- First to all to start the procedure of patent registration in India the Comprehensive patent search shall be conducted by the applicant. In the patent search the inventor will be able to determine that his invention is novel and not obvious. Moreover, with patent search the inventor will be able to check the already registered patents.

After conducting the search the application for patent registration shall be made with the controller.  Two types of application can be made namely the provisional and the final.  Below we have discussed about both of these applications types.

Making the patent application- After conducting the comprehensive search from the online database present on the online patent an application for patent registration shall be drafted.  The patent application is the legal document that contains all the technological information about the invention.  It is important to draft the patent application with utmost care because the specifications present on the patent application plays a major role in its registration.

Provisional specifications-It is an option given to the inventor for securing the invention when the invention has reached to the presentable state but not the final stage.  In this application the brief description about the invention shall be given. The basic motive of fling the provisional patent application is to secure the priority date for the patent registration. However, one important thing to be noted here is that the final application shall be filed within 12 months of filing the provisional application.

Final specifications-It is the first legal step in the process of patent registration in India. The complete details about the invention including the name, address and nationality of the applicant, field of invention, use of invention, prior art, problem to be solved, objectives of invention, general statement of invention, full description of the invention and the abstract etc.

Publication of the patent application-When the filed application is in conformity with the rules and regulation of the patent the application will be further processed for being published in journal. However, the time period of 18 months from the date filing the provisional patent application will be taken to publish the same in the journal.   One thing to be noted here is that the request for speeding up the patent registration process can be made by the applicant in form 9.

Examination of the patent application– Within 48 months of filing the patent application an request for the patent emanation shall be made.  After receiving the request an examination of the patent application filed the same will be done by the patent controller. In this examination it will be checked whether the invention satisfied the three criteria of novelty, inventiveness and applicability or not.

Patent Registration- If the examiner is satisfied with the patent application made it will grant the approval for the same and the certificate of registration will be granted.