Importance of Brand Protection in India

Importance of Brand Protection in India

Lawdef- Importance of Brand Protection in India

Brand is the face of the product that distinguishes it from the thousands of other products in the market. A brand can be anything a name, term, design, symbol or any other feature that differentiate the products and helps in identifying its originator. Well-known and established brands have always been a point of attraction for the public at large. Some of the big brand name includes the Apple, Nike, Pepsi, LV, Patanjali etc. These all brand names have managed to create a great impact on the minds of people and acquire the greater market share.  However, to become a well-known brand and reap its benefits there is a requirement of conducting a Brand Management. Today with this blog we will be discussing one of the most important aspects of brand management that is Brand Protection.

What is a Brand?

To begin with it is important for the readers to know that what exactly is brand. In simple terms if we state, brand is basically the identity given to the product by its seller or producer. Anything can be used as a brand to indicate the source of products. A person can use a name, term, design, symbol or any other feature to distinguish its product from others and make it stand out of the crowd. Let us take an example to understand it more clearly.

In India there may be thousands of shoes manufacturer selling their shoes with different names. Out of these thousands names how many names do you remember or the public at large will remember. We all remember just few popular names like Nike, adidas, sketchers, Puma, woodland. This is because they have created their brand value and made the people believe in the quality they provide. The name of the company manufacturing the shoes is not nike but the brand name is nike that makes it unique.

Why is it important to provide a protection to your brand?

You provide shield to the things that are valuable to you.  A well-established brand is an intangible asset for the company that provides benefits to it for the generations to come.  Due to which brand becomes one of the most valuable thing for the company. Here are some of the top reasons that make protection of brand name very important.

  1. In case the brand is not protected there is always a chance of infringement i.e. a third person can use your brand name and reap its benefits without your authorization. However, when a brand name is protected there is no chance of your brand name being used legally without your authorization.
  2. A protected brand is an asset for the firm that can be sold or licensed in exchange of consideration according to the brand value.
  3. Customer also puts their trust more in the brand name which are protected and with when they can be assured that the product they are using is original and belongs to only their trusted manufacturer.
  4. With brand protection the applicant can ensure the long term existence of its product as customer starts to associate with it and put their trust and money in it.

How can you protect your Brand?

Brand in India can be protected with the brand registration in India. A person can obtain the trademark registration for their brand name and obtain a shield for it for the period of 10 years. Once they have obtained the trademark registration they can enjoy exclusive usage, distribution, selling rights etc over their brand name. A simple procedure can be followed and the brand name can be protected from unfair and unauthorized by any third.


To sum up we can say that it is of utmost importance to provide protection to the brand you have created with all your sweat and hard work.