Importance of Digital Signature Certificate

Importance of Digital Signature Certificate

Lawdef- Importance of Digital Signature Certificate

As its name suggests Digital Signature Certificate is an electronic signature that helps in validating the documents submitted through online mode.  Today the world is rapidly growing towards digitization and everything is becoming online. Whether you want to pay your electricity bill or start a company everything can be done through the digitized modes.  Earlier in order to put the electronic signature on a document the only way was to take the print of the document ,  put a sign and then send it back through by scanning.  This was quite a time-consuming process considering which the DSC was introduced. Digital Signature Certificate is basically a kind of mathematical code that helps in authenticating the signature and keeping the data unaltered till it reaches its final destination.  As far as the question about the importance of DSC is concerned the simple answer to this question is yes it is important to obtain the digital signature certificate in India. To throw more light on this statement through the course of this article we will be taking a looking at the multiple benefits of trademark registration.

Ensures Safety – As DSC is in electronic mode the chances of duplication of the certificate is practically negligible. Unlike the physical signatures it is not possible to alter, tamper or duplicate the certificate. There is a secure password that is handed over to the holder with which only he can take access of his signature. DSC makes the documents secured and legitimate.

Reduced Time– For putting the physical signature it is mandatory for the person to be present physically that may consume more time than required. Digital signatures make it seamless for the person to put his signature on the required documents from any place in the world and reduce the time taken in the whole procedure.

Legal Validity– The Digital Signature provides the legal validity to the documents and can be considered as an evidence in the court of law. While submitting the documents with various departments for multiple registration like company registration, IPR registration, Food licensing etc the food license is considered to be at par with the physical signature. In fact all the documents that are to be submitted on these online portals are required to be mandatorily authenticated with the use of the digital signature certificate.

Cost Saving– Apart from saving the excess time consumption digital signature certificate also save the various cost associated with the physical signature. Some of the costs which are saved with DSC include the costs of Ink, paper, printing, scanning, shipping, tracking and travelling etc.

Make the procedures easier for clients– It becomes very tiring for the client to check each documents, examine them physically and then either take a printout of all the documents or visit any place to put a sign on these documents.  The concept of DSC allows the clients to do all of these at the comfort of their home simply by attaching the DSC to the required documents.

Improved business operations– As we have discussed in the above section DSC helps in reducing the time consumed, cost involved and is much more secure. All of these things help in reducing the time devoted by the employees in getting the documents signed and instead put them at the better use.


To sum up we can just say that Digital Signature Certificate is major part of the digital filings procedure and posses the multi facet benefits for the companies as well the people doing the filings.