Things to Know Before Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration

5 Things Know before apply Trademark Registration – Lawdef

Trademark Registration brings the manifold benefits for the individuals as well as the business units.  However, the procedure of applying for trademark registration and getting it registered in India is quite intricate and time consuming.  Thus, there are certain things that must be carefully assessed prior to filing the trademark registration application in India. Considering these things will help you in choosing the best trademark for yourself and getting it registered in India seamlessly. Moreover, it will ensure that you get the maximum benefits in return of the investment made by you in trademark registration.  So without a further do let us take a look at the things that every applicant must consider before applying for trademark registration.

  1. Hire a trademark attorney- Many people make this blunder of not hiring the trademark attorney and planning to file the trademark application on their own. This is because they want to save on the cost involved in hiring the attorney. However, one thing that they fails to understand here is that hiring the trademark attorney helps in streamlining the procedure of registration and reduces the cost incurred in case of objections and oppositions. Also, they assist you in preventing the trademark infringement.
  2. Conducting the Brand name search- It is of utmost importance to conduct the Brand Registration Search Online in India prior to filing the trademark application. Conducting the brand name search will help you in determining whether the brand name chosen by you is unique or not. Further, it will prevent you from infringing someone else trademark and suffer from financial loses.
  3. Do not invest on weak trademarks-A lot of investment is required to be made for getting the trademark registered and then making it popular. Thus, the applicant shall make sure to go through the trademark guidelines and select the powerful name capable of getting registered. Making investments in weak trademarks can make you end up in the pool of troubles with no benefits.
  4. Know the correct symbol-There are many symbols in the intellectual property laws. Like the TM, SM and ® for trademarks and the © for the copyrights. The applicant must know that he can use the TM symbol in case of goods and SM for services beside his trademark in case the application for trademark registration has been made. While after the registration of the applied trademark the ® symbol can be used. Using the correct symbol is important to give the right message to the public at large.
  5. Don’t forget to pay heed to the future expansion-Every business unit aims to expand in future by introducing the new products and services lines. At the time of making the trademark  application the applicant is required to choose the classes of goods and services for which he intend to use the proposed mark.  Thus, the trademark class at that time must be chosen with due diligence and by keeping in mind the future expansion.


Keeping the above points in mind before going ahead with the trademark registration in India will assist you in putting the best foot forward from the very beginning of your endeavor.