Every company while registering with the Registrar of Companies (ROC) located in various states of India is provided with a unique 21 digits number known as the corporate identity number or the company CIN no. It can be used to identify or track each of the company for various levels of information that holds with ROC / MCA. Further, the Company CIN Number has its own meaning, is easily translatable and it helps in finding the basic information of the company. Moreover, the company is required to provide the CIN number at various places where is needs file the statuary forms.  As its name suggests the Corporate Identity Number is basically  the unique identity of the company that helps in distinguishing it from others. With this blog we will be taking a look at the structure of the CIN number and understand their significance.

Structure of CIN number

U-12345-MH-2014-PTC-123707- Corporate Identity Number

First letter- It contains the Listing Status of the company

The first letter of the CIN Number indicates whether the listing status of the company is listed or unlisted. Further, the CIN of unlisted companies start with U and listed companies start with L. Like in the above-mentioned CIN number the first letter U represents that the company is unlisted.

Next Five letters – Industry Code

The next five in the digits in the CIN number represent the ROC industry code. Every activity has distinct 5 digit code and it is used to classify the type of company being registered.  Like in the CIN number mentioned above the digits 12345 represents the industry type.

7th and 8th digit – State Code

In the CIN number, the letters at 7th and 8th place represent the state of incorporation. Like in the above mention CIN number the letters MH represents that a company is having the registered office in Maharashtra.

9th to 12th digit- Incorporation Year

The digits at the 9th to 12th place of the CIN number represent the year of incorporation of the company. Depending upon the company incorporation date, the CIN number would change. like in the above -mentioned CIN number, the digits 2014 represents that the company is incorporated in the year 2014.

Next three characters- Ownership Type

The next three characters after the incorporation year represent the ownership type of the company. For example, PTC stands for private limited company and PLC stands for Public Limited Company. Like in the above-mentioned example the letters PTC represents that the company is a private limited company.

Registration Number

The last six digits of the CIN number is the registration number of the company issued by the Registrar of Companies.  Like in the above example the digits 123707 represents the registration number of the company issued by the registrar.